Welcome to the Queensland Blood Bowl league. The league was developed to help grow the blood bowl community within QLD. There will be multiple Divisions, each with varied number of coaches dependent upon each seasons number of attendees. Coaches will be mixed randomly in each Division.

Season One will start Monday 10th September and will run for a total of 10 weeks until 18th November. Each coach can play a maximum number of 8 games. Games should be decided by using the challenge system. Coaches are encouraged to play as many different coaches as possible. You may only play the same coach a maximum of 2 times and not in a row. Inter Division games are encouraged to help strengthen the community and add diversity to the games played.

The facebook page will have a new thread for challenges put up a week before each round begins. Accepted challenges need to be made known there so the games can be uploaded onto the site prior to the round commencing. Failing that for short notice pm the commish to upload your game.

Welcome to Q.B.B.L, the home of Queensland Bloodbowl.

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